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Welcome to the easiest and fastest booking site in India. To provide our customers the optimum services that we have, we made this terms and conditions to ensure all our customers’ best interest and security.

These terms and conditions serve as the users’ guide upon access to our website. By using our site, you are expected to heed to our site’s terms and conditions and are tied to us by a legal binding contract with our chosen company. You are advised not to use and access the site if you, for any reason, disagree or refuse to follow the given terms and conditions.

We have the right to change, alter, or modify these terms and conditions without prior notice. Your continued access in our site means your acceptance of whatever changes made. We highly suggest visiting this page to be regularly updated and check any recent changes.

Our site

Our site requires its user to be at least 18 years of age before you are allowed to access the site. If you are unable to access the site, you are either a competitor of our business or your account is non-existent or already close, or you are previously banned from our site.

We only permit access to our site under strict restrictions of these terms and conditions. Accessing this site signifies that you understand the possible risks. These risks include exposure to any content that you may deem inaccurate, inappropriate, offensive, and indecent.

Creating your personal account means that you are solely responsible to secure any information within your account, its supervision, and any unfortunate incidents wherein your account is accessed by someone else. We are not liable to any information loss or alteration and can only offer assistance to regain your account.

Please also note that the terms and conditions mentioned in this page may be changed, modified, or altered at any time without prior notice. If this happens, we are not liable to any disagreement in the user’s case since checking this page from time to time is required.

You agree to the use of your internet data in accordance to our site’s Privacy Policy (click below for further information) and agree to use it for certain purposes but not for any commercial uses. The customers have the right to request discontinue use of the data if they think the information is used commercially.

User's Profile Content

Having your account created, you are solely responsible for any content found in it. Any content found in your account is considered authentic and accurate once published in our site. The risk of anyone knowing your account, having permission to access it, and any information changed is your personal responsibility. Myfirstbooking is a separate entity and you have no right to claim any endorsement and sponsorship from us.

Customers can access the site at their own risk. If ever your content contains misleading information and violates other third parties rights such as trademark, privacy, copyright or any intellectual property, etc. which harm, exploit any law, you are exposing yourself to liability.

Myfirstbooking intellectual property

You are expected to accept and agree to myfirstbooking legal rights and services; this includes our intellectual property rights whether these rights are registered or not. You are also expected to respect our privacy and not disclose any information without legal permission and consent from myfirstbooking.

We ensure the security of our site’s information and property very seriously; this is why we value both our site and the customers’ privacy. Necessary security measures are then provided to prevent any infringement and to put to an end to any possible infringement in the future.

Disclaimers and its affiliated websites and partners do not guarantee that all information, photos, products, services, especially the prices found in the site are all accurate and updated. We disclaim liability for any inaccuracies and errors associated with the information such as description of the rooms, spaces, venues, facilities, products, and services published on this website. Most of this information are provided by certain suppliers and does not necessarily reflect myfirstbooking. You are expected to check and double check the information given on this website to avoid unnecessary complications. MyFirstBooking is not liable to any loss of information or unpleasant experience with one of the affiliated businesses and services for they are separate entities. Any service and product you have acquired through the third parties are not our responsibility; thus, you understand that you use their products and avail their services at your own risk.

Customer service

If you have any further questions and clarifications regarding the terms and conditions, or you need our assistance for some reasons, kindly contact us through this number: 040 6020 2222 or email us at :