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India's leading booking site online - is committed to secure its user's information and respect their privacy. understands the confidentiality and sensitivity of the user's information and maintains strict security until it is forwarded to the actual service providers and intended business entities.


To give you the best services possible, you are required to complete the membership registration and to provide your basic information such as your name, age, contact number, address, email address etc. You are also required to create your login name, password, and validation code which will be sent to your email or via SMS.As a valid member of the site, you may receive updates and special offers from us. However, you have the option to control the updates received, to unsubscribe, or to decline these emails all together. You can refer to the site’s opt out policy for further information regarding this matter. Please note that legal emails and other administrative updates cannot be opted out since they are necessary to give you the optimum services possible.

Information confidentiality

The information gathered will only be forwarded to the concerned websites and service providers to enable them to process and update records before giving their services to customers. Myfirstbooking ensures its customers that all the information provided will be kept private and will not be sold to any third party.

Publish information

The customers’ reviews, photos shared, compliments, ratings and other pieces of information that were displayed in the account profile may be displayed and published on the site to help generate more audience and more views.


The site may require you to enable cookies on your computer. They are pieces of valuable information kept on your computer; these cookies are bound to your information. These cookies are important to properly access some areas in myfirstbooking site.

Third parties

The customer's information will be forwarded to the concerned websites. Once all the details are forwarded, the site will not be responsible of the misuse and violations of these pieces of information in these specific sites and businesses.Please note that the site also has links that will lead its customers to various affiliated sites. Upon opening the sites, they may collect additional information from you. Myfirstbooking privacy policy does not cover any policies and terms in these websites.

Internet Data

The customers’ log information in the site like their site activities, pages viewed, including the time and date of their visit will be monitored accordingly. This also includes certain internet protocol addresses, internet service provider, platform type, browser type, number of clicks, and time and date stamp to help analyze, track, and administer users’ activity. These internet data are not linked to personal identity information.

Opt out

Our customers have the choice to opt out any information used in any entity which is not directly related to our website. We always provide the opt out mechanism so that users who do not want to receive any marketing materials can have their email addresses and contact information eliminated from our lists.All the users of our site will be regularly notified when any of their information is used by any third parties. This is to let our users decide if they want to proceed with the services wherein outside parties are required.

Updating and deleting information

Should the users decide to update any personal information such as email addresses, contact information, zipcode, etc., or when users want to cut ties in any of our services, we provide these changes to our members’ profile. You can also email or contact our customer service for assistance and for further inquiries as to how to deactivate your account.

Changes of Privacy Policy has the right to revise and change any content from this privacy policy from time to time. Users are also advised to check the page and read all updated important information from time to time. Users need not to worry about overlooking these possible changes for they are notified via email. If you heed to these changes and continue to use the services provided in our site, it means that you have no issues or concerns and accept the changes made. Feel free to contact us if you have any clarifications regarding our privacy policy: contact